Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

War Diary of Luman Harris Tenney.

3rd. Peck came up in evening. Played chess and checkers. Have had several very pleasant visits with Mrs. Searle and Miss Tripp. Mrs. Forbes too, is very kind to me. No letter from home.

2nd. Attended service at the chapel. Mr. Ives preached. A good sermon. I desire to get more religion, more of the love of Jesus. God give me grace to live an earnest, living, though humble Christian.

1st. Stayed at home and read most all day. Peck and a friend came down and stayed a few minutes. Ren left yesterday for his sister’s in Ill. Hated to have him go. Am uneasy to get away myself.

June 30th. Friday. Bosworth left for home. I read paper and books. Drew Longfellow’s Poems and Carleton’s “Days and Nights on the Battlefield.” Enjoyed reading it. How near Gen. Grant came to losing everything at Fort Donaldson and Shiloh. Played five games of chess with Mrs. Forbes.

29th. Ren back last night. Cloudy but hot. Wrote home and to Headly. Bosworth and I called on Miss Tripp and Mrs. Searle. Had a very sociable time. Saw Miss Lizzie Daily a few minutes, too. Read “Country Living and Country Thinking” and “Miles O’Reilly.”

28th. Saw Adams up from the regiment. They had an awful time going down to Rolla. Attended prayer meeting P. M. and evening. Also party at boarding place. Played chess with Miss Tripp from Wis., a Soldier’s Aid lady.

27th. Passed the day in camp. Drew “Stumbling Blocks” and read. In evening went to prayer meeting at chapel. Mustering officer examined our returns. Boys moved down to Marine hospital.

26th. A very cool, pleasant morning. Went to the city to see Ren Bosworth off on leave. Expect to be homesick now living alone. Got back to camp before supper. Got me some pants, vest, shirts and other necessaries for comfort.

25th. Did not go out to church in A. M. Wrote home and to George. Read in “Capt. Bonneville,” by Irving. Several of the boys called. In evening attended service. Mr. Ives preached. Interesting meeting.

24th. Didn’t wake up till ten o’clock. Quite a joke. Lost our breakfast. Went to camp in time for dinner. Very hot day. June and other 2nd Ohio boys over to see me. Rained in the night. Thundershower.