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Leverett Bradley: A Soldier-Boy’s Letters

June 25, 2015

Leverett Bradley: A Soldier-Boy's Letters (1st Massachusetts Heavy Artillery.)

Fort Ethan Allen, Va., June 25, 1865.

Dear Friends:

Four years ago yesterday, this Co. left the pleasant village of Methuen, for Fort Warren; there to be drilled and disciplined for war. Some went out of pure patriotism and others out of curiosity, they knew little of war; but they all had drawn a picture of it in their minds and I think their conclusions fell far short of the mark. For my own part, I feel glad that we were ordered from the forts about Washington. What I have seen and learned, money cannot buy. But to think that we have lost so many of our brave comrades by this cruel rebellion (many of them friends of mine) is enough to make all cry ” Peace” and no more ” War.” I thank God I was allowed to pass through so many bloody scenes. Life seemed of but little importance to me; but I never yet gave up and who knows but that was the reason I was allowed to live? I shall send you a copy of Genl. Pierce’s Order. We were a favorite regt. of his. The 5th Michigan ami 1st Massachusetts H. A. have fought side by side in many a battle and I have often heard the Genl. say “two better Regts. could not be found in the service.” We were always taken when an object of importance was to be obtained, and they always showed themselves true soldiers. The work of mustering out veteran troops has begun; we think we should have gone if we had remained in the Corps. The weather has been terribly hot the past week, but the flies are not so bad since the food has been moved into the mess house. Bed bugs are as bad as ever, I cannot sleep in my bunk, but take a couple of chairs and like it much better. I earnestly hope, Jerry, that you will succeed in getting into the naval school, if you have made up your mind. You must not let father work so hard; just take command and have discipline in the house hold. Give my love to all. Hoping to help you gather the harvest this fall,

I remain,                                          L. Bradley, Jr.

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