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Through Some Eventful Years

October 16, 2016

Through Some Eventful Years by Susan Bradford Eppes

October 16th, 1866.—Father has given me a beautiful little book to read, “The Ribbon of Blue.” It tells of the necessity of love and forbearance in the married state and is full of selections from poets, who have written on that subject. And yet, after all, there is no advice better than was given to us by an old negro preacher, when we met him on the road.

He stopped us and said, “I done hear dat you chilluns is gwine ter git marri’d.”

“That is so,” said my Soldier. “What do you think of it, Uncle Caesar?”

“I thinks well of it, but I got suppin’. fur ter tell de bofe of you, Trus’ in de Lord, dat is needful, but dere’s anurer thing: don’t you nebber, de two er you, git mad at de same time.”

Now, if that is not matrimonial wisdom I cannot see where you will find it.

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