Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

July 20.—A body of cavalry belonging to Gen. King’s command, left Fredericksburgh, Va,, last night at seven o’clock, and, after a forced march, made a descent this morning at daylight upon the Virginia Central Railroad, at Beaver Dam Creek, destroying the railroad and telegraph lines for several miles, and burning the depot which contained forty thousand rounds of musket-ammunition, one hundred barrels of flour, and much other valuable material, besides capturing the rebel captain who had charge of the property. —(Doc. 154.)

—This morning a slight skirmish occurred at Orange Court-House, Va., between a force of Union troops under the command of Col. Brodhead, First Michigan cavalry, and a body of rebels, resulting in the retreat of the latter, and the occupation of the town by the Nationals. In the evening, the rebels having been strongly re-enforced, Col. Brodhead retired, swimming the Rapidan River with his command without losing a man, and encamped on the bank of that stream in full sight of the rebels.

—Major-General Halleck left St Louis, Mo., this evening for Washington.—A skirmish took place at Turkey Island Bridge, near Haxall Landing, James River, Va., between a body of rebel pickets and a squadron of the Eighth Pennsylvania cavalry, under the command of Capt. P. Keenan.—Philadelphia Press.

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