Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

August 26.—A fight took place near Madisonville, Ky., between a Union force under Lieut. Col. Foster and a large body of rebel guerrillas, resulting in the retreat of the latter with considerable loss.—Lieut.-Col. Foster’s Report.

— The One Hundred and Twenty-sixth regiment of New-York volunteers, left Geneva, for Washington, D. C. The regiment was commanded by Colonel Sherrill—The Ninth regiment of New-Hampshire volunteers, Col. Enoch Q. FelIows, passed through New-York City for the seat of war. It left Concord, N. H., yesterday morning.

— A skirmish took place near Fort Donelson, Tenn., between a force of Union troops under command of Col. Lowe, Fifth Iowa cavalry, and a body of rebel guerrillas under Col. Woodward, resulting in the retreat of the latter with the loss of their artillery. The Nationals had two men killed and eighteen wounded.—(Doc. 191.)

— Brigadier-general Lloyd Tilghman, in accordance with a special order issued by General Bragg, August 16th, assumed command “of all abolition and confederate officers and soldiers in the vicinity of Vicksburgh, Miss., for the purpose of being exchanged or paroled,” and ordered them to report immediately at headquarters at Jackson, Miss. ,

—A large force of Gen. Stuart’s rebel cavalry, led by Fitz-Hugh Lee, entered Manassas, Va., and, after scattering a small body of Union troops stationed there, destroyed a railway train, several buildings, a large quantity of government stores, and other property.—(Doc. 194.)

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