Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

October 2.—Yesterday President Lincoln, accompanied by Major-General McClernand, of the army of the West, and others, visited Harper’s Ferry, Va.

—In the rebel House of Representatives, Mr. Foote reported a set of resolutions, the title of which was as follows: “Joint resolutions recognizing the practical neutrality of the States of California and Oregon, and of the Territories of Washington and Nevada, suggesting the advantages which would result to the people thereof upon an immediate assertion on their part of their independence of the United States; and proposing, upon their so doing, the formation of a league, offensive and defensive, between said States and Territories and the confederate States of America.”

—A fight took place near Olive Hill, Ky., between the home guards of Carter County and a thousand rebels under the guerrilla Morgan. Morgan commenced the attack, but, after several hours’ skirmishing, he was repulsed, losing several of his men. He retreated towards the Licking River, destroying thirty-five houses on his route.

—This day a Union force under command of General Foster, accompanied by gunboats, left Washington, N. C, and advanced upon Hamilton, taking possession of that place and driving the rebels toward Tarboro.

—General Scott’s letter, reviewing the course he pursued relative to the forts and arsenals at different points during the incipient stages of the rebellion, was published in the National Intelligencer.

—A series of skirmishes occurred to-day along the Bardstown turnpike, in the vicinity of Mount Washington, Ky., between the advance-guard of the Union army under General Buell and the rebel forces under General E. Kirby Smith.

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