Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

October 5.—Colonel Egan, in command of the Fortieth New-York regiment, crossed the Potomac at Nolan’s Ferry, on a reconnoitring expedition, and proceeded to Leesburgh, Va., where he captured a rebel wagon-train containing the personal effects and official papers of the rebel Gen. Longstreet, and a quantity of army supplies. Several fine horses, beef-cattle, and a caisson filled with ammunition, were also captured.

—General Crittenden’s corps left Bardstown, Ky., in pursuit of the retreating rebel army under General Bragg.—Union troops made a landing at Fort Point, near Galveston, Texas, but did not permanently occupy the island.—Richmond Dispatch, October25.

—The rebel forces under General Price, in full retreat from Corinth, pursued and harassed by the National forces under Gens. Ord and Hurlbut, reached the Hatchie River, where they made a stand. The Unionists attacked them, and, after seven hours’ hard fighting, the rebels broke and retreated in disorder, leaving their dead and wounded, and losing four hundred prisoners and two batteries.

—Scott’s rebel cavalry, at Frankfort, Ky., cut one span of the bridge leading to South-Frankfort, took all the paper and ink belonging to the State printer, and left for the South.—A Union force, under the command of Col. Bruce, attacked a party of rebels, six miles north of Glasgow, Ky., killing and capturing a few, and taking a number of horses and cattle.

—Jacksonville, Fla., was occupied by the Union forces under General Brannan.

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