Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

October 20.—A skirmish took place on the Cumberland River, a few miles from Nashville, Tenn., between a considerable force of rebel cavalry under General Forrest, and a body of Union troops under the command of Colonel Miller, in which the rebels were driven across the river with some loss. A number of prisoners, including a colonel, were taken.

—Five hundred cases of yellow fever were reported in Wilmington, N. C. The mortality was very great, thirty or forty dying daily. The publication of the Journal newspaper had to be suspended, as almost all the hands necessary to carry on the work were sick with the fever.

—President Lincoln issued an order establishing a Provisional Court for the State of Louisiana, and appointing Charles A. Peabody, of New-York, to be a Provisional Judge to hold the court.—(Doc. 11.)

—Major Woodson, of the Tenth cavalry, Missouri State militia, attacked a band of rebel guerrillas on Auxvois River, dispersed them, killing and wounding several, capturing arms, ammunition, blankets, and horses.—The Twenty-seventh regiment Maine volunteers, left Portland this morning for the seat of war.

—Lieutenant-colonel James Stuart, with a portion of the Tenth Illinois cavalry, attacked two hundred rebel cavalry near Marshfield, Mo., this day, completely routing and disorganizing them, and capturing twenty-seven prisoners.— The plantations in the vicinity of President’s Island, on the Mississippi, were burned to-day in retaliation for an attack upon the steamer Catahoula by the rebels.

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