Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

December 9. —A fight took place near La Vergne, Tenn., between a detachment of Union troops, acting as a guard and escort to a forage-train of fifty wagons, and a large force of rebels, resulting in a retreat of the latter with considerable loss (Doc. 66.)

—Yesterday the steamer Lake City was set on fire and destroyed by a band of guerrillas at Concordia, Ark., and to-day the United States naval despatch-boat De Soto went to Concordia, and burned forty-two houses.

—Theodorus Bailey, Acting Rear-Admiral of the United States Navy, assumed command of the Eastern Gulf Blockading squadron, and issued general orders to that effect.—At New-Orleans, La., General Butler issued a repetition of General Order No. 55, by which certain cotton-brokers, who had subscribed to aid the rebellion, were assessed at the rate of twenty-five per cent on the amount of their subscription, for the relief of the poor of the city.—Butler’s General Order!, No. 105.

—A skirmish took place near Brentville, Tenn., between a reconnoitring party of Union troops, under the command of Colonel John A. Martin, and a body of rebels, resulting in a precipitate retreat of the latter, leaving their guns on the field in their flight.— (Doc. 67.)

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