Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

December 14.—A skirmish occurred at Wireman’s Shoals, about five miles below Prestonsburgh, Ky., between a body of Union troops, numbering two hundred men, under Captain Thornbeery, who was sent by Colonel Dills, of the Thirty-ninth Kentucky, to guard some arms, munitions, etc., intended for his regiment, and a force of rebels, estimated at eight hundred men, which resulted in the defeat of the Unionists, and the capture by the rebels of seven hundred muskets, forty thousand rounds of cartridges, several hundred uniforms, and a large supply of provisions.

—The True Presbyterian and the Baptist Recorder, published in Louisville, Ky., were suppressed, and the editor of the Recorder sent to the military prison.—Coffeeville, Miss., was this day occupied by the Union forces under Colonel Mizner and Colonel Lee.

—A battle was fought near Kinston, N. C, by the expeditionary forces under General Foster, and a strong body of rebel troops under the command of General Evans, resulting in a retreat of the rebels, and the capture and occupation of the town by the Unionists. In this affair a rebel battery of field-pieces and four hundred prisoners were taken.—(Doc. 73.)

—At Helena, Ark., a picket-guard, consisting of a Lieutenant and twenty-three men of the Sixth Missouri, were surrounded and made prisoners by a party of rebel guerrillas. — A skirmish took place at Woodsonville, Tenn., without any result—This evening about eight o’clock, a body of rebel cavalry under Major White, made a raid into Poolesville, Md., and captured a party of the Scott Nine Hundred cavalry.—A wagon train, laden with provisions and clothing for the troops at Ringgold Barracks, Texas, escorted by a small party of soldiers on the way from Fort Brown to the Barracks, was this day attacked by a party of Mexicans and captured. All the soldiers and teamsters, except one man who escaped, were killed.—Brownsville Flag.

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