Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

January 13.—The United States gunboat Major Slidel, under the command of Lieutenant Van Dorn, surrendered to a party of rebel guerrillas at Harpeth Shoals, on the Cumberland River, Tenn., without firing a shot . The United States transport steamers Hastings, Trio, and Parthenia, with wounded troops, were also captured by the same party of rebels, at the same time and place. After robbing the wounded soldiers of all their money, overcoats, boots, and blankets, they were transferred to the Hastings, which was then permitted to proceed on her voyage. The other vessels, including the Slidel, were burned.—(Doc 104.)

—At New-Orleans, General Banks gave the following notice to the people of that place: “That offensive personal demonstrations, by language or conduct of any character, by persons of any class whatever, with the intention of giving personal offence, or tending to disturb the public peace, are forbidden, and will be punished with relentless severity. Parents will be held responsible for the respectful conduct of their children, and prompt measures will be taken to fasten upon the proper parties any act of this character. All persons who may be witnesses to such conduct are directed, as a measure of public peace, to give information thereof to the Provost-Marshal, or at these headquarters.”—The schooner Hampton was captured in Dividing Creek, Va., by the United States steamer Currituck.— Com. Barwood’s Despatch.

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