Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

February 24.— The United States steamer Indianola, under the command of Lieutenant George Brown, was this day captured in the Mississippi River, near Grand Gulf, after an engagement lasting one hour and a half, by the rebel iron-clad steamers Queen of the West and William n. Webb, and the armed steamers Doctor Batey and Grand Duke.— (Doc. 124.)

—The steamer Hetty Gilmore, was captured and destroyed by the rebels under the command of W. C. P. Breckenridge, at Woodbury, Tenn.— The Savannah News of this date said: “There seems to be now a great rage for investing in confederate bonds. Every body is buying bonds— that is, every body who has treasury notes wherewith to buy. How great the contrast! Here, our people are seeking confederate government paper. In Lincolndom every body is avoiding government paper, and paying enormous prices for every article which will enable them to get rid of Yankee promises to pay! This is one of the best signs of the times.”

—At Richmond, Va., Judge Meredith of the Circuit Court, decided in a habeas corpus case, that every citizen of Maryland, and every foreigner who had enlisted in the rebel army, no matter for how short a period, had acquired a domicile, and therefore was liable to conscription between the ages of eighteen and forty-five.—Richmond Examiner.

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