Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

March 4.—The First East-Tennessee cavalry, Colonel Johnson, had a fight with a party of rebels led by Colonel Rogers, at a point on Harpeth River, near Chapel Hill, Tenn.; killed twelve, and captured seventy-two of the rebels, with all their horses and accoutrements. Majors Burkhart and Macy were in command of the National cavalry, all of whom passed through the engagement without injury.—The Thirty-seventh Congress of the United States terminated.—The sloop Ida was captured near Charlotte Harbor, Fla., by the blockading schooner James S. Chambers.—The Second New-Hampshire regiment returned to Concord.

—A skirmish took place at Skeet, N. C, between a scouting detachment of National troops under the command of Captain Richardson, of the Third New-York cavalry, and a party of rebel guerrillas, in which the latter were routed and dispersed. The Union party then advanced to Swan Quarter, where they encountered a superior body of rebels, but after a sharp fight of twenty minutes, they completely routed them, killing and wounding twenty-eight of their number. In this skirmish the Unionists had three men killed and fifteen wounded.—Newbern Progress.

—The office of the Volksblatt, a German antiwar Democratic paper, published at Belleville, Mo., was visited by some persons unknown and thrown into disorder.

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