Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

April 25.—A fight took place at Duck River Shoals,on the Tennessee River, between the United States gunboat Lexington and ram Monarch, and the rebel shore batteries, resulting in a defeat of the latter, with a loss of twenty-five rebels killed and wounded.—(Doc. 175.)

—Two schooners from New-York, with cargoes of clothing and medicines, were captured in Mobjack Bay, Va., by the Union steamers Samuel Rotan and Western World.—The ship Dictator was captured and burnt by the rebel steamer Georgia, in latitude 25° north, longitude 21° 40′ west.—Captain Phillips’s Statement.

—A fight took place at Greenland Gap, Va., between a detachment of Union troops, under the command of Captain Wallace, of the Twenty-third Illinois, and a numerically superior body of rebels, under General William E. Jones. The contest lasted nearly two hours, the rebels making three desperate charges, but were repulsed on each occasion with heavy loss. The rebel killed and wounded outnumbered the whole Union force.— (Doc. 176.)

—An important debate took place in the English Parliament, in reference to the seizure of British vessels by American cruisers, and other subjects growing out of the rebellion in America. In the House of Lords, an elaborate speech was made by Earl Russell, and in the House of Commons, Mr. Roebuck made a very defamatory one.

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