Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

May 13.—The expeditionary force under Colonel Davis, encountered a party of rebel guerrillas and Choctaw Indians at Pontchatoula, La., whom, after a brief skirmish, he dispersed, taking seventeen of the Choctaws prisoners. Colonel Davis afterward destroyed the rebel camp at Pontchatoula.—New-Orleans Era.

—The English schooner Sea Bird was captured by the gunboat De Soto.—A skirmish took place at South-Union, Ky., between a party of rebels who fired upon a train and the Union guard, resulting in the defeat of the guerrillas, with considerable loss.—The schooners A. J. Hoge and Wonder were captured this day, the former at Mobile Bay, and the latter near Port Royal, S. C.

—Yazoo City, Miss., was this day captured by a fleet of Union gunboats, under the command of Lieutenant Walker. The rebel troops had evacuated the place, but not before destroying three rams that were being constructed in their navy yard. Every thing of value in the navy-yard, and also a saw-mill, were destroyed by Lieutenant Walker. Altogether, the property destroyed was worth to the rebels, more than two millions of dollars.—Lieut. Com. Walker’s Report.

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