Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

May 15.—A fight took place in the vicinity of Camp Moore, La., between the expeditionary force under the command of Colonel Davis, and a body of rebel troops, resulting in a rout of the latter with great slaughter. After the fight, Colonel Davis advanced on Camp Moore, which he burned, together with the railroad depot and bridge, and a great quantity of property.—New Orleans Era.

— William Corbin and T. P. Graw, found guilty of enlisting for the rebel service within the National lines, were executed at Johnson’s Island, near Sandusky, Ohio.—The rebel schooner Royal Yacht, was captured by the bark W. G. Anderson.— The rebels captured two small steamboats in the Dismal Swamp Canal, N. C.—The ship Crown Point, in latitude 7° south, longitude 34° west, was captured and burned by the rebel privateer Florida.

—Several desperate infantry fights took place to-day in the vicinity of Carrsville and Suffolk, Va., between the National forces under the command of General Peck, and large bodies of rebel troops, in which both parties suffered severely, without gaining any material advantage.

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