Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

June 13.—The battle of Winchester, Va., between the National forces under General R. H. Milroy, and the rebel General Ewell, ended this day.—(Doc. 11.)

—Captain Hare, of the Mounted Provost-Guard, attacked Hine’s guerrillas at Wilson’s Creek, near Boston, Ky., killing four and capturing five prisoners and twenty-five horses, and a lot of rifles and equipments. The rebels fled. There was no loss on the National side.—The army of the Potomac commenced its march for the relief of Maryland and Pennsylvania, these States being threatened by a large body of rebels under General Lee.—The negroes of Pennsylvania were called upon by Governor Curtin to furnish troops for the defence of the Government—A Party of rebel cavalry intercepted the cars at Elizabethtown, Ky., capturing sixty horses and committing other depredations.—The town of Eunice, —, was destroyed by the National gunboat Marmora.—The bark Good Hope, in lat 22° 49′ south, long. 42° 09′ west, was captured and burned by the rebel privateer Georgia.—The schooner Fashion, from Mobile, was captured “off the island of Cuba,” by the United States steamer Juniata.—A public meeting was held in Montgomery County, Indiana, at which a resolution was passed, declaring that no enrolment of militia in that county should take place, and a committee was appointed, who waited on the Commissioner and read the resolution, and notified him that an attempt to enroll would be at his peril.—Berryville, Va., was evacuated by the Union troops under Colonel Andrew T. McReynolds, it having been ascertained that Rodes’s division of General Ewell’s corps of rebels was advancing upon that place.

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