Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

June 25.—This afternoon, a fight occurred at Liberty Gap, Tenn., between a rebel division under General Cleburn, and the Nationals, commanded by Generals Willich, Wilder, and Carter, resulting in the rout of the rebels, who fled, leaving their dead and wounded in the hands of the Nationals. The loss of the Nationals was forty killed and one hundred wounded.—(Doc. 112.)

—The ship Constitution, in sight of the Island of Trinidad, latitude 20° 31′, longitude 29° 16′, was captured by the rebel privateer Georgia.—Fairfax Court-house, Va., having been evacuated by the National troops, was occupied by a rebel guerrilla party during the evening.—An expedition under the command of Colonel S. P. Spear, of the Eleventh Pennsylvania cavalry, reached a point within six miles of Richmond, Va., creating a great panic in that place.—(Doc. 35.)

—As assault was made on the rebel works at Vicksburgh, by General McPherson’s corps, which ended in the capture of one of the forts.—(Doc. 36.)

—The English steamer Britannia, was captured by the Union gunboat St. Jago de Cuba, at a point one hundred and fifty miles from Abaco, having run the blockade of Charleston South-Carolina.

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