Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

June 27.—A squadron of Scott’s Nine Hundred cavalry, under Major Remington, on their way to Centreville, Va., this morning, encountered, near Fairfax, the Sixth Virginia cavalry, and dashed at them with the sabre. The Major made two charges, and drove the rebels for three miles into a wood, and there encountered a superior force, that checked him with the fire of carbines. The fight, from the beginning to the end, was fierce. Major Remington, after having had his horse shot twice, cut his way out and made his escape with eighteen men. Eighty were reported missing. Among them were Captain Bagwell, Captain Campbell, and Lieutenant Hazleton. The companies were B and C.

—Carlisle, Pa., was abandoned by the Union forces, and soon after occupied by the rebels advancing on Gettysburgh.—A large number of rebel cavalry under command of Fitz-Hugh Lee, made a dash into Annandale, Va., capturing several sutlers who were in the vicinity, and burning a number of hospital stores and sutlers’ wagons.

—The Maryland Club-house at Baltimore, having “degenerated into a resort for those who are disaffected toward the Government, and hostile to its legally constituted authorities,” was closed by order of Major-General Schenck. —Manchester, Tenn., was entered and occupied by the Union forces under General J. J. Reynolds.—Shelbyville, Tenn., was occupied by General Granger.—Joel Parker, Governor of New-Jersey, on the reception of a message from Governor Curtin, informing him of the second entrance of the rebels into Pennsylvania, renewed his call upon the citizens of the State to hold themselves in readiness for immediate service.—York, Pa., was occupied by the rebels under General Gordon.—(Doc. 81.)

—The schooner Varnum H. Hill was captured by the rebel privateer Florida, in latitude 30° north, longitude 48° 50′, but was released on a bond, on condition her master would take to Bermuda, the prisoners captured by the privateer, from the ships lately destroyed by her.— A skirmish occurred on the Walnut Bottom road, at a point five miles from Carlisle, near the Stone Farm, between a detail of Pennsylvania militia under Captain Murray, and a party of rebels, in which ten of the militia were captured and one wounded.—The rebel schooner Archer, a tender to the privateer Tacony, entered the harbor of Portland, Me., and captured the revenue cutter Caleb Cushing.—(Doc. 21.)

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