Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

June 28.—A skirmish occurred at Oyster Point, about four miles from Harrisburgh, Pa., between ,he rebels and the Seventy-first regiment of NewYork militia and E. Spencer Miller’s Philadelphia battery, resulting in the retreat of the Union troops to the intrenchments around Harrisburgh. —The manufacturers of Morristown, Pa., resolved to close their works until the rebels were driven from the State, and raised ten thousand dollars to pay the wages of all who volunteer during heir absence.—Mechanicsburgh, Pa., was given up to the rebels this morning. On their arrival they pulled down the National flag, which was lying in the square, and raised the rebel colors in its stead.

—The ship City of Bath was captured by the rebel pirate Georgia in latitude 20° 30′ south, longitude 29° 30′ west, off the Island of Trinidad. —Major-general George Gordon Meade assumed command of the army of the Potomac.— A fight took place between a regiment of Pennylvanians, under the command of Colonel Frick, and a force of rebels who were advancing or Wrightsville, opposite Columbia, Pa. After a sharp contest, Colonel Frick was obliged to retire across the Susquehanna and burn the bridge.— (Doc. 81.)

—Major-general Dix, at Fortress Monroe, sent the following despatch to the War Department at Washington:

“Colonel Spear, of the Eleventh Pennsylvania cavalry, whom I sent out two days ago, completely destroyed the bridge over the South-Anna, captured General W. F. Lee, Colonel Hearsable, four captains, five lieutenants, and one hundred privates, and brought them in. He has also brought in thirty-five wagons, with six mules each, and one hundred and fifty mules in addition, and from seventy-five to one hundred horses. He took fifteen thousand dollars in confederate bonds, just issued, from an agent of the authorities at Richmond. This is all public property. No private property has been touched. Colonel Spear’s loss is three killed and eight wounded.”— (Doc. 87.)

—Donaldsonville, La., was attacked by the rebel forces under General Green, who succeeded in gaining possession of the Union intrenchments. Soon after, the gunboats, commanded by Rear Admiral Farragut, opened a flanking fire above and below the works, and driving back the supporting party of the rebels, captured the rebels who had entered them.—Admiral Farragut’s Report.

—General Mitchell’s division of the army of the Cumberland left Triune, Tenn., this day. When about eight miles out on the Eagleville road, the rebel pickets were met and pursued five miles to Rover, when they made a stand with infantry, cavalry, and artillery, and a sharp fight ensued, continuing over two hours, and resulting in the flight of the rebels, with a slight loss. The National loss was seven wounded.

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