Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

August 6.—Eight sutlers’ wagons, returning from the front, were captured by Mosby’s rebel guerrillas, at a point between Washington, D. C., and Fairfax Court-House, Va.—Thanksgivings was celebrated throughout the loyal States; business was generally suspended and religious exercises were held in the various churches.—At Richmond, Va., “enough of companies composed of youths below the conscript age will speedily be formed to take the place of veteran troops now doing guard-duty in Richmond.

“Captain Figner is enrolling a company of youth between the ages of fifteen and eighteen for Major Munford’s battalion, and they are specially designed to take the place of a North-Carolina company stationed here. The enrolling quarters of the company are corner of Third and Broad streets. Only a few more youths are wanted to complete the organization.”—Richmond Examiner.

—A disturbance between a party of secessionists and the National soldiers stationed at the place, occurred at Visalia, a town in Tulare County, California, during which one soldier was killed and several secessionists wounded.—The ship Francis B. Cutting was captured and bonded, in latitude 41° 10′, longitude 44° 20′, by the rebel privateer Florida.

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