Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

September 2.—Kingston, Tenn., was occupied by a portion of General Burnside’s army, under the command of General Minty.—The gunboats Satellite and Reliance, which were captured by the rebels on the twenty-second of August, were destroyed by the Union forces under the command of General Kilpatrick, at Port Conway, Va.—The guerrilla Hughes, with one hundred rebels, appeared in Burksville, Ky.

—A joint committee of the Alabama Legislature reported a resolution in favor of the proposition to employ slaves in the military service of the confederate States, which proposition was favored by many of the presses of Mississippi and Alabama. After discussion in the Alabama House, the resolution was adopted by a vote of sixty-eight yeas to twelve nays, after striking out the words “military” before service, and “soldiers” at the end of the resolution. The resolution was amended and reads as follows:

“That it is the duty of Congress to provide by law for the employment in the service of the confederate States of America, in such situations and in such numbers as may be found absolutely necessary, the able-bodied slaves of the country, whether as pioneers, sappers and miners, cooks, nurses and teamsters.”—Savannah News, September 2.

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