Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

September 30.—Colonel Rowett, with the Seventh Illinois and Seventh Kansas regiments of cavalry, had a fight with the rebel guerrillas under Newsome, at Swallow’s Bluff, on the Tennessee River. Colonel Rowett came up with the rebels while they were crossing the river. About one hundred had already crossed with the horses and baggage, leaving a major and twenty men on this side. The rebels were sheltered by the bluff, and defended by their comrades on the other side, who were in supporting distance, but the Unionists dashed in and captured the whole party with the loss of one killed and two wounded.—The bombardment of Forts Sumter, Johnson, and Simpkins, in Charleston harbor, was continued all day, Forts Moultrie and Simpkins alone replying.—(See Supplement.)

—Leonidas Polk, a Lieutenant-General in the rebel service, being relieved from his command “in consequence of an unfortunate disagreement between himself and the commander-in-chief of the rebel department of the Mississippi,” issued his farewell order.

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