Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

November 4.—The troops belonging to the National expedition, under the command of Major General Banks, successfully landed at Brazos de Santiago, Texas, nine miles from the mouth of the Rio Grande del Norte.—(Doc. 6.)

—The bombardment of Fort Sumter continued.—Jefferson Davis visited James Island, Forts Pemberton, and Johnson, and all the rebel batteries around Charleston.

—The rebel Generals Chalmers and Lee attacked Moscow and La Fayette, Tenn., on the Memphis and Charleston Railroad, this day, at noon. They burned La Fayette, and some small bridges on the road. The Nationals repulsed them at Moscow. Colonel Hatch’s cavalry followed their retreat, and forced them to another fight four miles out, and again repulsed them. Between twenty and thirty of their dead were found on the field, among them three officers. Their dead and wounded were scattered along the road. In addition, three wagon-loads were taken away. Their loss probably reached one hundred. The Union loss was three killed, forty-one wounded, and forty-one missing. Colonel Hatch, of the Second Iowa, commanding the brigade, was seriously though not dangerously wounded, a ball piercing his right lung.

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