Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

November 8.—The blockade-running steamers Cornubia and Robert E. Lee, with very valuable cargoes, were captured off the New Inlet, North-Carolina. Major-General Meade, from his headquarters near Rappahannock Station, Virginia, made the following report to the General-in-Chief:

“This morning, on advancing from Kelly’s Ford, it was found that the enemy had retired during the night. The morning was so smoky that it was impossible to ascertain at Rappahannock Station the position of the enemy, and it was not till the arrival of the column from Kelly’s Ford that it was definitely known the position at Rappahannock Station was evacuated. The army was put in motion, and the pursuit continued by the infantry to Brandy Station, and by the cavalry beyond. Major-General Sedgwick reports officially the capture of six guns, eight battle-flags, and over one thousand five hundred prisoners.

“Major-General French took over four hundred prisoners. General Sedgwick’s loss was about three hundred killed and wounded. French’s about seventy. The conduct of both officers and men in each affair was most admirable.”— (Doc. 10.)

—A cavalry fight took place at a point two miles south of Hazel River, on the road leading from Culpeper to Jefferson, Virginia, between the Nationals under the command of General Buford, and Wilson’s division of Hill’s rebel corps.—(Doc. 10.)

—A reconnoissance of the Chowan River, North-Carolina, to the vicinity of the mouth of the Blackwater, under the direction of Major-General Peck, was finished.

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