Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

December 25.—Colonel Prince again advanced upon the rebel forces under Forrest, and attacked them, but in a few moments discovered that he was surrounded on all sides. He did not surrender, but after fighting for three hours, with terrible loss, cut his way out, and carried most of his command safely into La Grange.—Colonel R. R. Livingston, of the First Nebraska cavalry, assumed command of the district of North-eastern Arkansas, headquarters at Batesville, and issued a proclamation in accordance therewith.—A Correspondent of the Richmond Sentinel says: “The plate that is in our country, and its value to the government, if the people can be induced to relinquish it, has doubtless occurred to many minds—been, perhaps, weighed and repudiated; but yet, I presume to think, might be made to act, if not a principal, a valuable subsidiary part in any well-digested scheme to restore the credit of the Treasury, to give stability to any system of finance, to arrest depreciation of confederate notes and stock, by furnishing that in kind, which is the basis of all credits—gold and silver. I think we have it, and in large amount We have in the possession of our people, in the form of gold and silver plate, a vast and unproductive fund — every household more or less of it Was there ever a better time to bring it forward ? —ever greater need for it?—ever stronger inducements to tender it to the government for the common good?”

—A battle took place in Stono River, S. C, between the gunboat Marblehead, at anchor off Legareville, and two masked rebel batteries on shore. The fight continued until the gunboat had demolished the batteries and driven out the gunners.—(Doc. 29.)

—Brigadier-General B. F. Kelley sent the following from his headquarters at Harper’s Ferry, Va.: “General Sullivan’s column has returned safely, bringing in one hundred prisoners, about one hundred horses, equipments, etc. My different columns are all now safely back. They have captured in all over four hundred prisoners and a large amount of property. My plans and others have been promptly and faithfully executed, with a single exception, and with but a small loss on our part.”

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