Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

January 14.—Major-General R. B. Vance, made a raid toward Terrisville, Tenn., and captured a train of twenty-three wagons. He was pursued by Colonel Palmer, who recaptured the wagons, and took one ambulance, loaded with medicines, one hundred and fifty saddle-horses and one hundred stand of arms. General Vance and his assistant adjutant-general and inspector-general are among the prisoners captured. — General Grant’s Report—(Doc. 52.)

—A force of about two hundred rebels made an attack on a party of National cavalry, stationed at Three Miles Station, near Bealton, Va., but were repulsed and driven off, after several desperate charges, leaving three dead and twelve wounded. The National casualties were two wounded, one severely.—The official correspondence between the agents of exchange of prisoners of war, together with the report of Mr. Ould was made public.—The body of a Union soldier was found hanging at Smith Mills, Va., with the following words placarded upon it: “Here hangs private Samuel Jones, of the Fifth Ohio regiment, hung by order of Major-General Pickett, in retaliation for private David Bright, of the Sixty-second Georgia regiment, hung December eighteenth, by order of Brigadier-General Wild.”

—The Richmond Examiner held the following language: “Surely British-protection patriots of the Emerald Isle here, have, we are credibly informed, recently shouldered their shillalahs, and cut stick for the land of Lincoln. Sundry others, too, born this side of the Potomac, have wended their way in the same direction,—all leaving their families behind them to sell rum or make breeches and other garments for the clothing bureau. When mothers and sisters, sweethearts and wives, thus intentionally, and by a cunning arrangement, left behind, present themselves at the clothing bureau for a job, they represent, with the most innocent faces imaginable, that their male protectors are in General Lee’s army, and thus enlist sympathy, and sponge on the Confederacy. To poor females every kindness and aid should be extended as long as they and those belonging to them are true to us; but it is past enduring that able-bodied fellows should go North, and leave as a charge here people whom we are under no obligations to support, and who, by false representations, shut out the wives and other female relatives of gallant fellows, who are confronting our ruthless enemies.”

—Lieutenant Gates, with a party of the Third Arkansas cavalry, made a reconnoissance near Clinton, Ark., and succeeded in capturing twelve prisoners, whom he surprised at Cadson’s Cave. —The blockade-runner schooner Union, with a cargo of cotton from the coast of Florida, arrived at Havana. She was chased by the United States gunboat De Soto.

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