Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

February 11.—The cavalry expedition under the command of Generals W. S. Smith and Grierson, intended to cooperate with the forces under General Sherman, left Memphis, Tenn.— (Doc. 122.)

—The English steamer Cumberland, with a cargo of arms and ammunition, arrived at Key West, Fla. She was captured by the United States gunboat De Soto, while trying to run the blockade on the fifth instant.—(Doc. 103.)

—A westward-bound train on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad was captured ten miles west of Harper’s Ferry, Va., by a band of guerrillas. The usual signal to stop the train was given, when the thieves surrounded it, and commenced a general robbery of the passengers, male and female. Greenbacks, jewelry, and other valuables were taken, and few of the passengers escaped without losing something. The object seemed to be entirely to obtain booty, as, notwithstanding several Union officers and soldiers were on board, no prisoners were taken. The engine and tender were run off the track, but the train was not injured.

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