Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

March 2.—General Custer’s expedition, which left Culpeper on the twenty-eighth of February to cooperate with the forces under General Kilpatrick, returned this day with only four men wounded slightly, and one rather badly. He captured and brought in about fifty prisoners, a large number of negroes, some three hundred horses, and destroyed a large quantity of valuable stores at Stannardsville, besides inflicting other damage to the rebels.— (Doc. 133.)

—President Lincoln directed that the sentences of all deserters who had been condemned to death, by court-martial, and that had not been otherwise acted upon by him, be mitigated to imprisonment during the war at the Dry Tortugas, Florida, where they would be sent under suitable guards by orders from the army commanders.—Captain Ross and twelve of his men, deserters from General Price’s rebel army, arrived at Van Buren, Arkansas.—Colonel A. D. Streigut made a report to the Committee on Military Affairs, of the lower house of Congress, in relation to the treatment the Union officers and soldiers received from the rebel authorities at Richmond and elsewhere in the South.—(Doc. 106.)

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