Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

by John Beauchamp Jones

            JULY 1ST.—The intelligence of the capture of Harrisburg and York, Pa., is so far confirmed as to be admitted by the officers of the Federal flag of truce boat that came up to City Point yesterday.

            Of the movements of Hooker’s army, we have the following information :

“June 27th, 1863.       

            “GENERAL :—I took possession of Fairfax C. H. this morning at nine o’clock, together with a large quantity of stores. The main body of Hooker’s army has gone toward Leesburg, except the garrison of Alexandria and Washington, which has retreated within the fortifications.
                        “Very respectfully,
                                    “Your obedient servant,
                                                “J. E. B. STUART, Major-General.”

            The Northern papers say that our cruiser Tacony, taken from them, has destroyed twenty-two of their vessels since the 12th inst.; but that our men burnt her at last. Her crew then entered Portland, Maine, and cut out the steam cutter Caleb Cushing, which they subsequently blew up, and then were themselves taken prisoner.

            The President has decided that the obstructions below the city shall not be opened for the steam iron-clad Richmond to go out, until another iron-clad be in readiness to accompany her.

            Capt. Maury, at Mobile, writes that the two iron-clads, Trent and Nashville, now ready for sea, might take New Orleans and keep it. The President directs the Secretary of War to consult the Secretary of the Navy, and if they agreed, the attempt should be made without loss of time. So, probably, we shall have news from that quarter soon.

            The militia and Department Guard (soon to be called the National Guard, probably) were notified to-day to be in readiness at a minute’s warning. It is said positively that Dix is advancing toward the city. Well, let him come.

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