Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

Post image for Adams Family Letters, Charles Francis Adams, Jr., to his mother.

Adams Family Letters, Charles Francis Adams, Jr., to his mother.

January 20, 2013

Adams Family Civil War letters; US Minister to the UK and his sons.

Potomac Run, Va.
January 20, 1863

I see a great deal of Buchanan now and find him extremely pleasant and most unexpectedly kind and disposed to assist me. Did n’t we formerly consider Buchanan a little pompous? And were not we a little disposed to laugh at him? If we did a most surprising change has come over him, for he certainly is in his own quarters and in his intercourse with younger men by all odds the most genial and pleasant officer of rank I have ever met. You know he has been very badly used and bears it like a man. General Sumner alone of all the Army officers in this Department ranked him when the war began and now Lieutenants and Captains of his regiment are Brigadiers and Major Generals and he is still a Lieutenant Colonel commanding the 1st Brigade of Regulars. Yet he is universally respected as one of our best officers and most reliable men; as a soldier none stand higher and scarcely one would be trusted in a tight place as soon as he. He has been recommended for promotion over and over again and no man in the army doubts his loyalty. But Wilson does and he has not yet succeeded in working his way through the Military Committee of the Senate. Now he is coming up and will soon get what he most desires, the office of Inspector General. At any rate he is a good friend of mine, and I count his rise as in a good degree my own. I contrive to get over and see him very frequently and he advises me to leave this regiment and go into a staff….

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