Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

Diary of Ephraim Shelby Dodd, Co. D of Terry’s Texas Rangers

Sunday, 13th—All started to-night for Louisville. Rained and we separated; I, Smith and Alexander leaving the crowd at Mr. Everett’s. We stopped at Mr. Best’s and staid all night and all day.

Saturday, 12th—I staid all night at Mr. Cutchberson’s.

Tuesday, 1st December—We came to Mr. White’s this morning and there left Mr. Upton and started for the Telico Plains, I, Mason and Kelison. Met Kirkland, Piper and Kirkendol; then came up to McDermot’s and staid all night.

Wednesday, 11th—This morning the Home Guards got on our tracks, and by the aid of Citizens found us and carried us back to the Academy. Randell is Capt., Cresivell first Lieut., Rose 2nd, Moore a Private, Ingle, Keener and others.

Friday, 11th—Started this evening for Sevier, got as far as Little River at Mr. McClane’s and turn back. Two Yanks rode right through us. Came on by day near Mont Vale Spring. Stopped and got breakfast. Saw two Bushwhackers but could not catch them. Met Mr. King at the Springs. Came on over to Mr. Gomly’s.

Thursday, 10th—We start for Longstreet for or via Sevier. Gave it out and started for the vicinity of Bess’ Mill. Went to see Mr. Jo Gray, a Lieut, in the Yankee Army. He was not at home; took two horses and a negro. Came on to McCully’s and got two of them, two guns and one pistol, two horses. Came on to Bess’ but found them all gone, then came back to Mr. Bright’s.

Wednesday, 9th—All quiet to-day. Didn’t move.

Tuesday, 8th—Came on to Mr. Bright’s and staid all night; rained all day.

Monday, 7th—Came in this evening to Mr. Dyer’s, found the Yankees all gone, got supper and went down to the Planters, spent two or three hours. Gardner sold them a horse. I must take Miss Kate one. Came out to-night to Mr. Dyer’s, warmed and came on to Lige Jim Henry’s. I passed as a Yankee with Mrs. Henry. Came on to Mr. Holloway’s and to Mr. Bess’s and got dinner.

Sunday, 6th—We started for Holloway’s with two of the Boys. We got there. Dick would go no further. Mint and Drew and Meroney all turned back. I, Hugh Singleton and Briscow started for L. Came out to Old Major Pugh’s and found the Yanks had prowled him of beehives and everything. Then came on cross Motley Ferry road and through a camp they had just left. Some Yankees on the ground laying up fences with the negroes. We came on cross Morgantown Road, found all the roads traveled by them. Came on to Capt. Dyer’s, fed our horses and got supper and on to within one mile of Louisville. Stopped at Old Man Dyer’s; found the Yanks in large force near him. Stopped, and fed and walked down to within three hundred yards of their camp fires. Could not get to the Planters Hotel. Came back; six of our boys were laying out in the woods near Mr. D’s. We fed and slept in the barn till nearly day. Old Man woke us up, found two of the men were Carlton and Patton of Company P; others were Morgan Men. All came out to a thicket and spent the day.