Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

War Diary of Luman Harris Tenney.

13th. Got into Indianapolis at 5 A. M. Grafton at 2:30. Home 4:30. A very happy boy. Thank God for his mercies to us. I desire to live so as to show my gratitude.

12th. Immediately after breakfast packed up and went around to bid my friends goodbye. Felt sad as well as happy. God bless the friends at Benton Barracks. Got paid. Saw Will B. Off at 4 P. M. Made several acquaintances. Can hardly realize that I am going back home to stay.

11th. In the morning read “Christian’s Mistake” by Miss Muloch. A good story. In P. M. mail. Discharge came. Happy. Went to city. Saw Will Bushnell. Supped with him. Ice cream with 2nd Ohio boys. Like Cousin Sarah Searle so much.

10th. A cool delightful morning. Was disappointed in not getting my papers. Read in “Oliver Twist.” In evening went to meeting (conference) in open air. Very interesting. God is at work here.

9th. Inquiry meeting. About 50 men out. After breakfast, I went to the city. Took some notices to Mr. Parsons. Attended Sunday School and church at 1st Pres. Dr. Nelson. Good services but not much earnestness. Got back to camp for dinner. A silly sentimental poet on the cars. Chapel in evening. Rain.

8th. Read in the morning. Went with Brown to Mrs. Kellogg’s to dinner. Belong to Tenney family. Had a good visit. All act and look much like Tenney family. Another large meeting in evening. Great interest manifested. Several spoke.

7th. Spent the day reading “Eliana” of Lamb’s and “Oliver Twist.” Much interested in both. In evening, Mr. McC. and Brown held a meeting near Post Hdqrs. Sang patriotic songs first, then a religious meeting. Several spoke. 1500 present. 800 rose for prayers. Very affecting. Mrs. Searle and other ladies out. Felt much benefited myself.

6th. Yesterday Robert Brown came here to the Christian Commission. Went with him to see J. R. Davies and Bostwick. Made an engagement to go to tea today, but Brown did not get around in time. Had a pleasant evening chat with Cousin Sarah and Miss Tripp, Barney, Mrs. Forbes and Mrs. Daily also.

5th. The little beggar girl, Emma, still comes around. Am sorry for her. Life has but few charms for her. Her father killed at Shiloh, her brother died at Sulphur Springs, a drummer boy, her mother had rheumatism, her little brother another little beggar. A very bad girl. God help the poor and afflicted.

4th. After breakfast had a siege of chess with Mr. Barney. A very hot day. A great many friends around St. Louis. Remained in camp till evening when I went to city. Saw fire works and got ice cream. Met Albert Hinman.