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Confederates absent without leave.

August 20, 2012

Library of Congress

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Head Quarters,
Salt Sulphur Springs, August……….1862.


By direction of the General Commanding is hereto appended a list of those absent without leave from the 2nd Brigade of this Command. All such absentees are ordered to report to their respective Regiments, Battalions or Companies within ten days from the publication of this order. Those so reporting within this period will be assigned to duty without further trial. Those failing to report within the prescribed limit of time will be proceeded against as deserters. The absentees from Maj. Jackson’s Battalion of Cavalry will be allowed fifteen days to report.

By Order of
August 20th, 1862.

  • Maj. Gen. W. W. LORING.
  • W. B. MYERS, A. Adjt. General.
  • A List of Men absent from the 8th Va. Cavalry.
  • B. F. Aiken,
  • John P. Aiken,
  • J. W. Anderson,
  • W. Anderson,
  • J. Anderson,
  • D. W. Bean,
  • J. H. Copenhaver,
  • S. M. Copenhaver,
  • Wm. E. Copenhaver,
  • W. W. Thompson,
  • J. Park,
  • Thomas Copenhaver,
  • A. B. Cook,
  • A. P. Cole,
  • John J. Hester,
  • S. T. Morrison,
  • L. G. Maupin,
  • J. M. Saunders,
  • J. L. Thomas,
  • James R. Evans,
  • James Nuckles,
  • Thomas Smith,
  • John C. Hite,
  • James W. Mathews,
  • R. B. Diggs,
  • Kinser,
  • Smith,
  • Spencer,
  • Coleman,
  • Kidd,
  • Peerry,
  • Thornhill,
  • Fitzpatrick,
  • Ferguson,
  • Stewart,
  • Jones,
  • Staples,
  • Ballon,
  • Spencer,
  • Joseph Faber,
  • H. A. Bourn,
  • J. D. Pickett,
  • J. Austin,
  • William Austin,
  • Martin Nelson,
  • Henry Nelson,
  • M. Honk,
  • E. W. Greer,
  • Andrew Greer,
  • Henry Davis,
  • Stephen F. Jones,
  • D. A. Taylor,
  • C. Wesley,
  • J. Cossett,
  • Wm. M. Boone,
  • J. W. Bowyer,
  • Wm. R. Thornton,
  • A. J. Woodall,
  • H. Davidson,
  • Fletcher,
  • Muse,
  • A. B. Nash,
  • J. D. Morton,
  • J. B. Perdue,
  • S. W. Sinclair,
  • Ely,
  • Thompson,
  • A. P. Handley,
  • P. M. Russel,
  • J. V. Ralson,
  • J. E. Shelton,
  • A. Page,
  • William Lacy,
  • Sampson Simmons,
  • J. B. Beckwith,
  • Simonton,
  • W. W. Hamilton,
  • J. Ralsin,
  • T. R. C. Blankinship,
  • W. H. Russel,
  • A. Hornbert,
  • Edwin Lambert,
  • Paul C. Smith,
  • J. W. Harman,
  • Wm. C. Sogner,
  • J. E. Maurice,
  • M. B. Ranbirne,
  • William Stevens,
  • J. Strader,
  • J. J. Stafford,
  • A. T. Snyder,
  • P. R. Snyder,
  • W. G. Panley,
  • J. P. Lambert,
  • T. P. Hereford,
  • William A. Smith.
  • J. M. CORNS,
    Col. 8th Va. Cavalry.
  • A. C. BAILEY,
    Adjt. 8th Regt. Va. Cavalry.



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