Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

Tuesday, 21st—I remained in town some two hours. Went over to Camp, moved my mule to where ‘twould be safe in case of a move and went down to Mrs. Jordon Stokes. I had a good long conversation with her. Got a paper from her and just as I was leaving Kyle came in. I loaned him the paper and went over to Cousin Mec’s to take dinner. Hank Sullivan came in after dinner. Fox Trammel and Jim Davis came for dinner. The Miss Thompsons, sisters, came in. I went into the parlor with Hank and was introduced to them. We then had some music. An hour or two passed rapidly. We took leave. I promised to call again in the evening. I went over to Mrs. Stokes and after making addition left a letter which she kindly promised to send to Nashville and mail for my Father. I got some more papers. She and Mrs. Muirhead, her mother, tried to make a proselyte of me to Lincolnism or Unionism, as they would term it. Commenced raining. We left soon after I got back; came out near Cherry Valley and camped. I was on picket; the Reserve in a barn; the Videttes in a blacksmith shop; a good time of it.

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