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Farragut’s Fleet passing the Forts.

April 24, 2012

Library of Congress

Farragut’s Fleet passing the Forts before the Capture of New Orleans

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Pang & Company Catalog Description:

“Capture of New Orleans.”
Farragut’s Fleet passing the Forts.
This naval scene is a brilliant representation of that famous battle by night, showing the Mississippi squadron, under Commodore Farragut,  passing Forts Philip and Jackson, and the engagement with them and with the Confederate gunboats in the early morning of April 24, 1S62. The terrific fire belched forth from the heavy guns and mortars, the flash of the bursting shells, and the light from blazing fire-rafts, turned adrift to destroy the Union fleet, form a lurid and exciting spectacle, and represent one of the most hotly contested naval battles of the war.
The final victory of the fleet secured the opening of the Lower Mississippi and the surrender of the city of New Orleans to the Union forces.

Image was digitally enhanced for fade correction, contrast, brightness, and color.

Capture of New Orleans by Julian Oliver Davidson; Fac-simile Print by L. Prang and Company; Copyright 1886 by L. Prang & Co., Boston

Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division

This drawing is located here on the Library of Congress website.

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