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Post image for Cruise of the U.S. Flag-Ship Hartford – From the Personal Journal of Wm. C. Holton.

Cruise of the U.S. Flag-Ship Hartford – From the Personal Journal of Wm. C. Holton.

November 7, 2012

Cruise of the U.S. Flag-Ship Hartford–Wm. C. Holton

November 7th. It is just two months and eighteen days since we first cast our anchor in Pensacola Bay. Up to the present time nothing has occurred worthy of note. It was the general impression on our arrival here that we came to Pensacola for the purpose of making every necessary preparation for an attack upon Mobile. All of the vessels attached to our fleet required more or less repairing, particularly the old Hartford, but now it seems the programme for the season is changed, and we are once more to pay our compliments to the old Mississippi river. Our Admiral has been informed by the commanding officer whom we left in the river to guard the city, that the rebels are building more batteries along the banks of the river some miles above the city. We are informed that they are strongly fortifying Port Hudson, which is one hundred and sixty-four miles above New Orleans, situated on high bluffs similar to Vicksburg. I sincerely hope that if we are called upon to do more fighting in this vicinity, as I presume we shall according to the aspect of things at present, then may we clean them out thoroughly.

Our ship is once more under way, bound for New Orleans. This morning at ten o’clock we weighed anchor, and started ahead, followed by the U. S. steam sloop Richmond, and U. S. transport Tennessee. Arrived off Mobile at six P. M., found the U. S. sloop of war Brooklyn at anchor here, which vessel has been lying here for some time, doing blockade duty. We came to here, while Capt. Bell of the Brooklyn came on board to report to the Admiral. At eight P. M., started ahead, shaped our course for South-West Pass, Mississippi.

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