Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

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Diary of Horatio Nelson Taft.

January 8, 2013

Diary of US patent clerk Horatio Nelson Taft.

Washington Thursday January 8th 1863

This is the anaversary of the Battle of New Orleans. It brings to mind the exploits of Andrew Jackson. O that his old mantle and white hat were still in the “White House.” The present times require his energy, his fire and resolution. The Country has been calling for “Jacksons” to Lead our armies but as yet none has appeared. It is said that the crisis brings the Man, but the Man has not appeared as yet. Perhaps the crisis has not yet arrived, perhaps we have not yet suffered enough, have not sacrificed enough. We are not yet humbled enough, and our cause has not yet become desperate enough. Well, we must wait and suffer still. In Gods own time the black clouds of War will clear away and we shall behold again the sun of peace and National prosperity. Our news from Vicksburgh was premature. The City is not yet ours as was supposed. The Rebels are there in great strength but the City must fall, but only after much hard fighting. Went to the Pay office again today and succeeded in geting the “greenbacks” for Lieut Belden, at least fifty officers were waiting in the office. We pushed bye and got through in half an hour. There is nothing like pushing ahead in these “red tape” offices. Called at Mr Hartleys this evening. “Mat[ty]” has a bad cold and wants to see Julia. She is attending Madam [Burrs or Barrs?] School where they speak nothing but French. Julia would like that. It has been a fine winters day, bright but cold in the morning, indications of snow in the afternoon, a few flakes seen.

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