Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

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Diary of Horatio Nelson Taft.

March 25, 2014

Diary of US patent clerk Horatio Nelson Taft.

Washington March 25th/64

Nothing very important has occured in regard to the war since my last date. No movement of the Army of the Potomac has taken place. Some Cavalry “raids” have been made and some skirmishing has been going on. Today an order is published consolidating the Army of the Potomac into three Corps Commanded by Genls Warren, Hancock and Sedgwick. Three fighting Genls. Genl Grant does not take command in person. Genl Mead is to command still. Genl Grant will have his head Qrs (it is said) here in the City. I do not like that. The Army of the Potomac has “swamped” so many Genls that I fear for him. Should that Army be defeated now, it would be ruin to him. In fact I think the political atmosphere of Washington itself will ruin him, but it seems necessary to put forward our “biggest gun” against Lee the Rebel, who has proved himself a most consumate General and so far more than a match (as to skill and ability) for any one we have had against him. If Grant can crush the Army of Lee, then the Rebellion seem to be nearly to an End. The trial will “come off” before long. There is thought to be no great difference in the strength of the two armies now facing each other. I hope ours will be largely re-inforced before the “Trial” as everything seems to depend upon our success, at least the length of the War will very much depend upon it. A few crushing blows this spring will do the work, and not only virtualy end the War, but disappoint the slipery and “sympathising” politicians at the North who are prophesying evil things of our army and obstructing the wheels of government in every way in Congress & out of it.

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