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John C. West–A Texan in Search of a Fight.

October 20, 2013

John C. West–A Texan in Search of a Fight.

Letter No. XX.

Camp near Chattanooga,
October 20th, 1863.

My Precious Wife:

Your unusually interesting letter of August 28th, as also one of September 22nd from brother Charles, in which he said you were all well up to the tenth of September, reached me on the seventeenth of this month, and gave me great pleasure, because you seem to have been enjoying yourself just as if you intended to use the world for all the good it can afford and I think you are right, and I trust you will take as many trips into the country as your duties at home will permit, and always try to be cheerful and happy. I like the soldiers’ song that is “all the go” here now—

“Now let the Wild world wag as it will,

I’ll be gay and happy still,” etc.

Where is the good sense in gloom and despair in anticipation of misfortune; there will be enough of life left to grieve in when trouble overtakes us, without borrowing in advance. You must not forget about the shade trees. I long to see them growing and to see the children playing under them.

We have had very disagreeable weather for two or three weeks, raining nearly all the time, but I am getting along about as usual and am perfectly well. You said nothing about the dogs, Morgan and Frank. I care very little what you do with them, as hunting is entirely out of my program now. I am sorry to hear that your meat is out, and trust that you will soon have a supply on hand. I have no doubt that your school will succeed very well, and am glad to have you try it. You must not despair of your letters reaching me. There is so much talking around me that I cannot write more at present. Love to Mrs. Carter and other friends. Your husband, faithfully ever,

John C. West.

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