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John C. West–A Texan in Search of a Fight.

February 27, 2014

John C. West–A Texan in Search of a Fight.

Camp Fourth Texas Regiment,
February 27th, 1864.

Know All Whom It May Concern:
That this certificate is freely given to Mr. John C. West, Confederate States District Attorney, Western District of Texas, as a testimonial of my appreciation of his services as a soldier while a member of my company, and to his character as a gentleman and a true patriot.

Mr. West entered the military service while constitutionally exempt and holding a position of comfort and ease, which would have shielded him permanently from conscription, and this, too, at a time when the dangers of battle and hardships to be endured had become comparatively familiar to our people, thus showing that he faced calmly and deliberately terrors upon which others had rushed through enthusiasm and excitement. He has conducted himself as a true and faithful soldier on every occasion, having never shirked a duty or missed a roll call from his company.

In taking his discharge from the army, he is but acting upon the earnest and matured counsel of friends who believe that his services will be more valuable to his family and country in the capacity of a civil officer than as a soldier in the ranks.

It is proper to add that this certificate is given without solicitation and at my own suggestion, being moved by the consideration that Mr. West has acted in a manner singularly uncommon and unselfish, and deserving special notice from those who admire true patriotism and self-sacrificing devotion to our country’s cause. And while I am glad to see him return to his family and friends in Texas, where he can administer to their comfort and necessities, I deeply regret the loss of his company in camp-life and his example as a soldier.

T. J. Selman,

Captain Commanding Company E.,
Fourth Texas Regiment.

I fully concur in the above account of Mr. West, and with pleasure annex my signature.

Ed. Tilly,

Second Lieutenant Company E., Fourth Texas Regiment.

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