Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

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Letters and Diary of Laura M. Towne.

March 14, 2014

Letters and diary of Laura M. Towne

[Diary] Monday, March 14, 1864.

Miss Howard tells us that a determined effort is to be made to shut the church doors on us, so as to force the children to go to the Indian Hill School. I think it is done so as to prevent such a large school as ours from being in the hands of such non-upholders of the Baptist church. Mrs. P. says we need not think we are to be left in peace to occupy the building; she will appeal to the pockets of the people and then we shall see! She says she tells them that we have damaged the building and that they must raise $150 for repairs. She also sends us word that the new commissioner or agent to look after church property for the Baptists, Dr. Parker, is going to turn us out. It seems to be opposition from one quarter only. The Indian Hill School has no books yet.

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