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Letters and diary of Laura M. Towne.

August 25, 2012

Letters and diary of Laura M. Towne

Written from the Sea islands of South Carolina.

[Diary] August 25, Monday.

Ellen, Mr. Soule and I drove over to see Miss Thompson at Thorpe’s, near the village. She was just teaching her school, which is pretty large. She was very pleasant. Every night she suffers terror for fear of an attack by the rebels, as that point is somewhat exposed.

Mr. Barnard was there and showed us his people and their quarters, seeming to feel keenly their deprivations. He is not just like himself, though, more quickly impatient, and I think he holds unsound opinions lately — quite different from his old ones. He thinks the guns granted to the plantations mischievous, and drilling the men wrong; and he is very much opposed to forming companies — says it will teach the men to be insubordinate. I was astonished, and asked whether he did not think it would civilize them, make them manly, and teach them order and systematic obedience. We disagreed in opinions, but we are good friends always.

Great talk of evacuation of these islands. General Saxton thinks of making Lands End[1] his headquarters. I think all this troubles Mr. Barnard.

[1] Lands End was nearly opposite Hilton Head, and a considerable distance from the Oaks.

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