Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

Letters and Speeches of The Late Civil War by August Belmont

New York


August Belmont, Chirman of the Democratic National CommitteeThis pamphlet, which is privately printed, contains a few letters, chosen from among hundreds, and a few speeches, selected out of many, that were written or uttered by their author during the time that he has had the honor to be intrusted with an official position in the Democratic party—namely, the Chairmanship of its National Committee.

It was a circumstance incident to any faithful discharge of that responsible duty, during so exciting and momentous an era in the history of the United States as that through which they have but lately passed or are passing, that his opinions and conduct should be often misrepresented and sometimes misunderstood.

The following pages will suffice to correct such errors, should they ever approach a lodgment in the minds of those with whom alone such errors now can be of any importance to him,— his children, and his personal or political friends; and will disclose to such of these as care to concern themselves about the matter, the ends which, as a citizen and as a member of a noble and time-honored party he has had in view, as well as something of the means by which, in his humble sphere and imperfect way, he has striven to attain them.


New York, June, 1870.