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Leverett Bradley: A Soldier-Boy’s Letters

August 23, 2012

Leverett Bradley: A Soldier-Boy's Letters (1st Massachusetts Heavy Artillery.)

[Written with a pencil.]

In Camp At Cloud’s Mills, Va., Aug. 23, 1862.

Dear Mother:

Received yours to-night all right. You will see by this that we are not at Fort Barnard as usual. There has been a great deal of manœuvering around here lately about where to move and it has finally come to us; we have expected it for some time. We have had a great time moving; did it today, about four miles from former place and on the R.R. to Mannassas. Pope has been down on 20 miles; and reinforcements are going out by thousands and right by our sides some orders were to go on; but on account of ammunition we had to encamp here for tonight. Don’t know but we shall go in ten minutes, and perhaps not till morning. Jere and myself are in a small tent by ourselves; we are experiencing camp life. Had no dinner and nothing but a cup of coffee for supper and do not expect anything again for two days; we can not get hold of any bread, having none for two weeks back. It is now about 8.30 P.M. Batteries and other Regts. going with us are on the move here to report. Cavallery also. We got rifles in last night and had to go 3 miles to get them. I have a nice one. I slept well, you better believe, last night; wore the skin off my hip bone laying on the soft side of a plank (knotty); got a softer one tonight (the ground). Don’t be scared, for it is fun for us and will try to stick it out to the last. We may be 100 miles from here tomorrow. Write as usual, and if we get it, all right, and if not, the same. We will write as much as we can and often; but let me tell you again do not be worried because it does no good and makes us feel bad.

The drummer boy is well and looking on the scene. We are both lying on the ground. Nothing more to write; do not know if this will reach you. Capt will write in the morning, if we do not move before. Don’t worry about us!

Yours truly,

Leverett Bradley, Jr.

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