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Leverett Bradley: A Soldier-Boy’s Letters

November 19, 2012

Leverett Bradley: A Soldier-Boy's Letters (1st Massachusetts Heavy Artillery.)

Fort Craig, Va., Nov. 19, 1862.

Dear Family:

I am getting better day by day, but by what the boys say, am rather thin. They want to know what deed they have done, that a ghost should appear before them. I go by the name of Hamlet’s ghost; but I expect soon to get my old flesh on again. I am feeling first rate. The butter tastes first rate; I eat toasted bread and butter. I think it quite a relish to get hold of such stuff right along. Will do as you direct about money matters; if I can’t get over to the city myself I’ll send by the sutler. I think he can be trusted. Those shirts are very comfortable. I had but one the afternoon they came, and I had a bath and a change of clothes. Jere is on guard and cannot write. They have got so they put drummers on guard, the same as at Barnard; but he does not stop on all night, that is one good thing. We never have had so much sickness before. Burnside is doing a big thing, and if he don’t go through with it he will get kicked out, and receive no mercy from the public at large and some one else will come in. “O ―― He is the man. He is the man.” Then they will kick him out, and that is the way it will go. I am tired, a-s you will see by my writing. From


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