Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

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Leverett Bradley: A Soldier-Boy’s Letters

February 1, 2013

Leverett Bradley: A Soldier-Boy's Letters (1st Massachusetts Heavy Artillery.)

Md. Heights, Jan. 25, 1863.

Dear Family:

Have written a note to Lizzie [his sister]. She says her school is “behaving in behavior.” We stop in No. 9 tent; it is stockaded and in rear of barracks; the women have our shanty.

Feb. 1.

We were all paid up Thursday for four months. I shall send the money by Adams express. I have collected all in the Co. but P. and G――n’s. I think I can get G―n’s before I send money; P’s is doubtful. Shall send Geo. Bricket’s with mine. We had a terrible storm; here on the Mountain the snow is two feet deep and it blows. M. was promoted to Corpl. yesterday. S. was broke. The boys are very indignant about it; you know he did not come out until last Sept. We have got so we have a row every day. Capt. has some one to the wheel every night; he has got the rough ones down on him. Co. sent home $1709 yesterday and paid debts for 6 months. I went down to the Naval battery and collected two bills there. There is a report that we are to move. Shall send our money on Tuesday, so look out for it. If we happen to move shall wait. Much love to all from

Lev., Jr.

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