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Leverett Bradley: A Soldier-Boy’s Letters

March 25, 2013

Leverett Bradley: A Soldier-Boy's Letters (1st Massachusetts Heavy Artillery.)

Md. Heights, March 25, 186.3.

Dear Friends:

Glad to hear the Capt. is improving. We are well. Affairs are the same as the other day. The Lieuts. are still under arrest; some are at the naval guard house, took them out of the magazine on account of their health.

The signal Officer at this post received a dispatch from Martinsburg that we have Vicksburg in our possession, it has not got out yet. Tonight’s paper had no news, but the report is they are evacuating Vicksburg and are going to throw their whole force on Rosecrans; Burnside is at Cincinati on his way to the army of the south west. I do hope that we shall be able to give them a severe whipping all round before long. It is about time something was done. I want you to send me two boxes of salt mackerel A. no 1. I can get ten cts. a piece for them by keeping them till pay day. I am sure if you will get them for me, that I can get out whole with a little over. I shall expect all the butter you can send, as we need it very much, having nothing to eat but our bread, coffee and beef. “I must have my butter!” What do you think the prospect is of our getting home? Of course you know it can not be till the war is over. The general opinion is that six months will see all the fighting over. One thing more, we must not give them peace, unless honorable to our arms: there must be no squeezeing out place, keep them until they submit to our terms. The end greatly depends upon our success at Vicksburg, port Hudson, and Charleston. If we whip them at these places I think Joe Hooker will start them and will drive them till they get some thing very strong to hide behind. About influence, I don’t urge my case hard, but just mention the thing, and if any thing should turn up, you might put it to use in my case, as I am in the army. I think not to use any bragadocio, that I am as capable as a great many others. Jere will write next Sunday. Much love to all.

Yours &c.

L. Bradley. Jr.

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