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Leverett Bradley: A Soldier-Boy’s Letters

April 5, 2013

Leverett Bradley: A Soldier-Boy's Letters (1st Massachusetts Heavy Artillery.)

Boat Howitzer Battery, Md. Heights,
April 5, 1863.

Dear Friends:

I received three letters and a box. The major has got up a new signal code for the benefit of the officers; each one knowing them, they talk with the other batteries. I see by the paper that McClellan has made his report of his campaign, it will be out next week. The voice of the army is still for him, and no wonder, in his report he gives all the praise to the men. He says that “to the calm judgement of history he leaves the task of pronouncing on the mouvement, confident that its verdict will be, that no such difficult one was ever more successfully executed. That no army ever fought more heroically, repeatedly, and successfully against such odds, that no men of any race, ever displayed greater discipline, endurance, patience and cheerfulness under such hardships.” No wonder that the soldier’s heart clings to him, for the reason that he is right, but has been shamefully abused. Gen’l. Morris, formerly Col. of the N. Y. 6. Heavy Artillery, has command of us now, or rather we are in his brigade. All of his staff officers are from his regiment and he does not look with much respect on this battalion. Major R. will not stand much from him; they have only been in the service since last Oct. They have the idea that they can whip the world. It really seems as if we were never going to move.

I hope they will put the conscription act in force soon. I have no doubt some men north would as leave let the south have all they want rather than come out here. What kind of men do you call them? They think a great deal of their Country! If you have an opportunity, get the Adjutant general of Massachusetts report for 1862, it is a good thing. News from Fort Albany is big, I forgot to write it before. Major W. is a 2nd Lieut in the N. Y. 2nd H. A. Lt. D. is being court martialled for drunkenness. Capt’s C. and A. have resigned and also Lt. S. Col. W. has preferred charges against Col. C. Grand chance for promotion, which there always has been in this regt, but there is no chance for poor W. From


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