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Leverett Bradley: A Soldier-Boy’s Letters

May 10, 2013

Leverett Bradley: A Soldier-Boy's Letters (1st Massachusetts Heavy Artillery.)

Md. Heights, May 10, 1863.

Dear Family:

Glad to hear that the Capt. is improving. The rumor here is that Richmond is taken. It was nearly “taps” last night and I was preparing to turn in, when the cry was to fall in. I dressed immediately and went out. The Lieut, read a letter from Major R. to the effect that Keyes had taken Richmond. I can assure you there was some tall cheering. It further stated that extras were being issued in Phil’a, N. Y. and Boston and that the people were perfectly crazy with excitement; but he also says, dont think too much of it, it may need conformation. The dispatch was from Head Quarters at Baltimore to Genl. Kelly, and it doesn’t seem possible that they would send it unless they were very confident it was so. If you have got the news there and are making such a time over it, such as firing salutes &c. &c. and then it should turn out to be a hoax, what a feeling of despondency would invade the heart of every true soldier and worse than that, what would be the feelings of the people of the whole north! I do hope and pray that it is taken, and if so, see the position Lee’s army is in; it has no chance of escape; there is also a rumor that Vicksburg is taken by the combined forces of Genl. Grant and Rear Admiral Porter; this does not look so promising as the other, considering the relative positions of the two forces; but still I hope it may be so. I see the conscription act is going into effect soon. It makes the boys delighted, because they want to see some of those rabid men in Methuen. Just been up on the parapet of the fort signalling to the 30 Prd Battery; on account of the sun, can only make out “good news.” I hope so, the Capt. is going down to see. I wish you were here to see the sight we see every day and that is, the different valleys visable in all parts from here; the grass has put on his coat and the trees have begun to bud. To speak plainly, it is the most beautiful scenery I ever looked on. The Capt. has got back; the news is confirmed of the taking of Richmond with 70 cannon. Much love to all from


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